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* Do you know what Managed DNS is?

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DNS providers offer Managed DNS service, which lets you host all of your DNS records on their large network of DNS servers. As a result, you will improve the availability of your website and boost performance.
Any type of online website could see the benefits of Managed DNS service. For instance, it is an excellent opportunity for local businesses or global companies with a presence all over the world. It is going to develop your online presence and provide an outstanding user experience.

After you start implementing Managed DNS service, you will notice the various advantages.

  • The DNS provider will set up your DNS servers.
  • It will keep you protected from unusual traffic spikes and DNS threats.
  • The many points of presence (PoPs) all over the globe provide better loading time and response time.
  • Managed DNS is an affordable service. You can choose from different plans, which fit any size and sort of business.
  • Better uptime

If you desire to know more about this topic, we suggest the following page with interesting information about Managed DNS!